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CE CX Software Insights – February 2024

The CE/CX Software Insights Report is a vital resource for founders, CEOs, and investors in the CE/CX space.

It offers comprehensive analysis and insights into market consolidation, financing and valuation.
The report is in two sections. The first provides a detailed examination of market dynamics, segmentation and consolidation trends. The second section offers private and public valuation insights across the CE/CX landscape.

Key takeaways from Q4 include: 

  • Publicly listed CX / CE software companies are trading at a median of 6.8x revenue multiple .
  • Achieving the Rule of 40, reflecting capital-efficient growth, is a key valuation determinant.
  • Of all the companies achieving the Rule of 40 or more, growth-focused companies have a median revenue of 14.7x compared to profit-focused companies which have a median revenue of 8.1x. Growth is still the dominant driver, even in the current market.

This report is a tool for understanding the evolving CE/CX sector, providing the necessary insights for informed decision-making. For further details or to discuss the implications of these findings, please don’t hesitate to contact our team.

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